The Story

Just the cloudiest sky ever… finger painted, mostly, with some brush work and a bit of palette knife action. Early in the summer, I painted outside on my porch, which overlooks a meadow and trees. I captured different parts of this same scene over several days. The day of this painting, it rained during part of the time, and the clouds coated the sky in layers.


Clouds are one of the things I am always tempted to paint, and yet they challenge me. I wanted to fill the painting with the way the clouds looked. This was the first time I used the combination of paintbrushes and my fingers to shape the clouds. I loved the process so much! It felt playful, while also giving me the feeling that I was learning the shapes of each cloud.

Never stop playing!


The Inspiration

“Cloudy Day” is an original 11x14” acrylic painting on canvas inspired by the idea that we should give ourselves permission to do nothing sometimes. Living intentionally is important to me and something I strive to do more of, but it doesn’t mean every single minute of life must be planned and structured. This cloudy landscape painting is a reminder to guard open space each day for rest and spontaneity and for play, too.

I hope that you make sure “doing nothing” stays toward the top of your list (I’m trying to be better about putting it on mine) because we often assume we will have time for that when everything else gets done. But that which we assume we will do or feel like we could do any time we want become the things we take for granted.

These are the very things that get skipped over most often, even though they mean a lot to us. So let the clouds here and this peaceful green grassy meadow slow things down a bit and reframe our priorities.

Sit and watch the storm roll in. Take a country drive at sunset. Book that trip. Date your mate. Call a good friend. Find a great spot in the shade, and read a book. Play with your pets or your kids. Or just do nothing.

Respect the margin in life— space in your calendar for fun and quiet and all the things that you normally shove aside because something else feels more pressing. Give yourself permission to make them a priority.

”You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” – Mae West

Cloudy Day 11x14" vertical painting

  • This beach painting was created in layers of professional-grade acrylic paints with brush, finger, and palette knives. Gently dust with a clean, dry cloth as-needed. The canvas is 14” tall by 11” wide. The edges are 1/2“ deep and painted dark blue. The unframed canvas ships ready-to-hang with a wire across the back.

  • Studio Pick Up is available for local buyers to pick up from the studio within 7 days of purchase (we will arrange a time and date after purchase). If shipped, your painting will be gift-wrapped in kraft paper, cush