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About Erin Reinholtz


“I believe we all have a purpose, a story-in-progress, and a place in this world together. Time is our most precious resource, and is best spent when we are intentional with it. I share my work with hope that it helps others feel deeper peace, joy, motivation, and gratitude.”

-Erin Reinholtz

Erin Reinholtz is a fine art painter who uses zesty brushwork, vibrant light, and lively color to explore the passing of time and human connection to nature.

She loved drawing from early on and studied pastels, oil paints, charcoal, and photography as a child. Erin graduated college with a BFA in Studio Art and a minor in Psychology from Northern Illinois University, going on to complete a Master's in Counseling Art Therapy from Adler University in Chicago.


Erin worked with youth in a therapeutic day school before taking a position with the State of California Department of Mental Health, where she used the creative process to provide therapy for adults in a maximum-security forensic psychiatric facility.


Erin and her husband moved to Michigan in 2011, and she worked as a portrait photographer in a home studio, while raising her four babies. The space slowly was taken over by her paintings, and Erin now paints full-time inside a navy blue barn in Alto, adjacent to the home she and her family share with their zoo of pets.


When not painting, she can be found exploring the outdoors by foot, kayak, or bike, cozied up with a book, working on a puzzle, watching 80's movies or playing Nintendo with her family, or simply soaking up the view from her front porch. She loves bad jokes, good adventures, and deep conversations and tries to live each day with gratitude.

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