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Oh Shoot! Beginner Photography Camera Class



Hello, and welcome to the Oh Shoot! Photography For Beginners Mini-course. I’m so happy you’re here! Maybe you’re joining me because you were too intimidated to break free from Auto mode. Or perhaps you don’t know why you keep capturing blurry images, you feel like your pictures look too dark or washed out, or you’ve seen everyday photos by other people that WOW you, and you want to achieve that oomph yourself. My friend, you’re in luck! You’ve been struggling to learn your camera solo, and now I’m here to help. In Oh Shoot!, I will teach you the fundamentals that you need to take more control over your images, using what your camera offers, so that you can take your photographs to the next level. I have years of experience with digital photography, and I’m truly passionate about it. I want to help you improve and enjoy photography yourself. When it all boils down, you need to be comfortable with your camera so that you are free to enjoy the process of shooting and grow your own creativity. When you have that level of confidence, it will shine through in your photos. I’m going to help you get there!


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