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One-On-One Coaching For Artists


I knew it was possible to begin earning a living as an artist but was overwhelmed by how to make it happen. They didn't teach that in art school, and there are so many voices in the business world that don't easily translate to the creative realm. When I found someone in my field to teach me the first steps, this person had a whole team of employees and an income so large that there was a gap between how she did things and how I could.


Can you relate? It took me a while to learn how to apply tools and methods to really move forward in my journey, but I did. I am now more confident, have clarity each day, and am reaching goals that seemed so impossible just a few years ago! As a former Licensed Professional Counselor and Art Therapist, I want to hear your struggles and help you through this tricky part of being a creative entrepreneur.


Coaching with me includes a one hour video call. You may find a single session is all it takes, or you might opt for or a series of sessions over time. Either way, my goal through coaching is to help you find answers to your questions by identifying your specific needs and sharing what I have learned and find useful in my own practice so that you can make more confident strides on your path going forward.

Contact me using the form below with any questions or to get started. You may purchase the session before scheduling, or reach out to me first- whichever you’re most comfortable with. I look forward to meeting you!

Possible coaching topics:

mindset & imposter syndrome

making art prints

art critique or process questions

goal setting

work/life balance

daily rhythms & schedules


workspace/studio organization & optimization

shipping prints & artwork


One 1-hour personalized virtual meeting via Zoom


Bundle of three 1-hour virtual meetings via Zoom over the course of 1-3 months


Six 1-hour virtual meetings via zoom over the course of 6 months

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