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New Baby Chicks

Aside from the increased daylight, the best thing about spring is all the adorable baby animals! We welcomed 13 fuzzy new chicks to our little farm, and I thought I’d share their cuteness with you. These chicks are black laced Wyandottes and will join our flock of egg-layers out in the coop when they’re big enough.

This fluffy stage doesn’t last long, but even when they’re grown, chickens are fun to watch, with their little quirks and interesting behaviors. I’m a fan of their facial expressions, especially. I see so much personality in their eyes and the way they cock their heads. Every time we get chicks, I think of the first eight that began our hobby farming journey ten years ago. They were Isa Browns— so personable, especially our Lois, who would hang out near us anytime we were outside. She even enjoyed sledding with us down the little hill in our old back yard!

Those first eggs were so exciting! Since then, it’s been just as exciting for us to find eggs from our newest layers and see the colors our different breeds lay. It will be several months before these babies begin to lay, and in the meantime, we’ll get to see how their personalities unfold and discover the beautiful colors and patterns that appear as their feathers grow in.

Chickens have inspired several of my paintings, which have become some of my most popular prints. Check them out here!

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