The Story

This painting came to life during a time I felt the weight of the world pressing in. I wanted to lift the gloom from the cumulation of news headlines off of me. I turned to color.

Even if the actual image I’m painting itself is not very colorful, I like to put in a lot of variety and often exaggerate what I see. I do this to symbolize a celebration of life and all the things we might take for granted. I chose to make this painting colorful to create to a place of beauty and peace. I stopped listening to the noise of the news and reminded myself to take respite in what inspires me instead. It helps me to reframe and get a different perspective on life.

I believe that everyone and everything has a voice and a message. I strive to hear these coming from what it is I’m painting. So I opened myself up to the messages of peace in this river and in the beauty of the golden leaves of these trees, and I created a secluded place which to unwind.

The Inspiration

“Drifting In Gold” is an original 11x14” acrylic painting on canvas framed to 13x16” inspired by the spaces out west, where the land feels open and vast, while the mountains are stand guard in the distance. The river calmly flows through the woods, and time nearly stands still.

My process really begins before I ever dip a brush into paint. I have a quiet moment with my subject and ask what it wants to say, or I just listen and allow the ambiance of the scene to fill me. I intuitively take the vibes I gather along throughout my work in the form of color so that the painting conveys not only my message, but also what my subject needs to say.

In this case, I heard comfort in the consistency of the seasons changing predictably each year, and the solitude of breezes rustling distant branches. You can imagine yourself drifting along in the boat, being guided by the gentle flow of this river, maybe catching some fish and enjoying a slow day.

Materials and Care

This river painting was created in layers of professional-grade acrylic paints. Gently dust with a clean, dry cloth as-needed. The canvas is 11” tall by 14” wide mounted inside a black wooden frame. This frame is open-front (glass-free) and measures 13x16” and 2” deep. This painting ships framed as shown and is ready-to-hang with a wire across the back.

Drifting In Gold 13x16" framed horizontal painting

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