The Story

On a roadtrip to New England, we crossed over the Hudson River, and I craned my neck to see it beneath a blanket of hovering fog. It was so serene! That same trip, I visited a fantastic Blick art shop (my favorite place to get paint—like a candy shop for artists) near the Rhode Island School of Design, where I added some new colors to my traveling art palette. From there, we stopped into Iggy’s for chowder and clam cakes (yep, it’s so good!) before heading to our hotel in Connecticut.


Back in the room, I sat and painted this piece. It has so many subtle details and shows a lot of brushstrokes. It is all about the atmosphere— a sense of calm, yet adventure— a reminder to enjoy the little stops all along the journey.


The Inspiration

“Hudson River Fog” is an original 12x12” acrylic painting on panel of the view from a highway overpass in New York, looking down on the Hudson River. I like to think of fog as something lucky, which I know comes across as opposite its usual connotations of doom and gloom. To me, though, fog is a rarity and only lasts a short while. So when I see it, I find it very beautiful and do, indeed, feel lucky to have caught it before it dissipates.


On the road, this sight was a reprieve from the long drive and busy stretch of traffic. At home, there are short seasons when I awake to a foggy morning with the warmth of the rising sun filtering through. It is quiet, peaceful, and reminds me to appreciate the small things in life. I now associate this feeling with fog anywhere I go, and I hope to share that with you through this painting.

Hudson River Fog 12x12" square painting

  • This river painting was created in layers of professional-grade acrylic paints with brushes. Gently dust with a clean, dry cloth as-needed. The panel is 12” square. The edges are 1/8“ thick.

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