Lightning struck our biggest walnut tree on at least two separate occasions, and the damage is obvious on one side of its trunk. Yet, the tree continues to grow and stand tall. I’m glad for that because it’s such a cool-looking tree, full of character. It is also very old, full of stories of the history around this small town.


A used-to-be-cornfield surrounded the tree, and prior to that, the land once served as a trading post. We regularly find historic remains in the woods here, including old apothecary-style jars and glass drink bottles, among many other random items. I think of all the other people over time who have seen this tree, and I think, too, of all the things this tree has seen, the stories it’s heard, and the view of the countryside it gets from way up there. I imagine what this place was like years ago, when the tree was young and of how it will be long after I’m gone, and the tree is probably still here.


“Up The Walnut Tree” is an original 5x7” acrylic painting on panel of my amazing tree. I stand beneath its wide trunk, gazing up through the knobby branches and take in the tangled view of leaves and bark. I like how small I feel next to the tree, truly seeing it and appreciating how old and big and wise it is. It makes me feel calm and free to daydream. I wonder how it got started here, and who else sat beneath it. 


I think about trees in general, too; about how trees seem stuck in place, while people are always moving. Trees modestly hide their enormous roots beneath the dirt and get stronger, slowly and steadily, while nobody is paying them much attention. They grow more beautiful and outlive us, even as they stay in one location.


Six years ago, before I lived here, I used to drive past another very interesting-looking tree on the way to take my son to school. I had imagined I would bring my camera one of those mornings and pull over to take some photos of it, perhaps painting it later on. Sadly, before I did so, there was a terrible storm that took the tree down overnight, and it wound up cut into logs. I wish I had stopped sooner.


And so when we walked this land we live on now, I immediately grew fond of this tree, including it in many of my photos and enjoying the view of it from my porch. It is very distinct, and I feel as though I will never grow tired of it. I have painted it several times and am sure there will be more of it to come. Tree paintings are very grounding, calming home decor pieces. This one will bring lively colors, yet also much peace and relaxation to your home.


Up The Walnut Tree 5x7" vertical painting

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  • This tree painting was created in layers of professional-grade acrylic paints with brush and palette knives. Gently dust with a clean, dry cloth as-needed. The panel is 7” tall by 5” wide. The edges are 1/8“ thick and allow this painting to fit into most standard picture frames.