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5 Ways to Use Animal Stickers

I’m so excited to announce this because it’s something several of you have asked for, plus stickers are always so fun! These are top-quality vinyl stickers professionally printed and cut of some critters from my farm animal collection. It starts with my most popular animals— Rhoda the Chicken and my sweet Alpaca, with more coming next. So with that, here’s a round up of five ways to use my animal stickers.

Make Valentines

Pair these with my brand new printable Valentine digital downloads (coming soon! Be sure you’re on my e-mail list if you want first dibs), DIY your own Valentines, or stick them store-bought cards to add an extra burst of charm. What’s not to love?!


Add more fun and excitement to your planner, calendar, and notebooks. There’s no denying these are super cute, and cuteness always makes the day brighter. Slap some stickers where you’ll see them everyday and smile.


Always have a few stickers around to happily surprise your family and friends. Add them to birthday cards and packages, leave in the mailbox with a note to brighten your mail carrier’s day, or hide one in your kids’ school lunchbox from time to time.


Decorate your water bottle, laptop, phone case, car, and whatever else brings you joy. Thank you to these awesome Instagram friends for sharing some great ideas!


I remember having a sticker collection as a kid, and it’s something kids still do today! What an easy, affordable way to brighten your kiddo’s day but adding a unique sticker to their collection. Stickers can also be a great reward for chores, behavior charts, or as recognition for a job well done. And it’s not just kids who collect stickers! Anyone who love chickens, goats, alpacas, sheep, pigs, cows, ducks... any animal lover would enjoy my animal stickers.

Stickers are in the shop as pre-orders now through January 30th and will be shipping the second week of February. They’re expected to arrive at all US buyers by February 10th. Get yours now before preorders close!

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