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Intentional Living, One Day At A Time

Intentional living is the antidote to the overwhelm most of us feel in today’s busy-obsessed world. We’re constantly connected, yet feeling shallow bonds; over-stimulated and expected to always be on. We have big goals, big hopes, big worries, big stress… we have so many resources, opportunities, and not enough rest.

Living intentionally means pivoting from reacting to life as it happens to leading your life according to your values, purpose, and dreams.

Starting a regular painting practice helps me live intentionally. I’m more aware of my time, of what my deepest passions are, and of my purpose and ways in which I can serve others. You can be more intentional in your life, whether or not you’re an artist. I’m sharing one thing I do daily that has made all the difference in how I go about my days, and it’s something nyone can do.

Intentional living is a process of self discovery and personal development that allows you to make the most of your natural gifts, live a deeply satisfying life, and enjoy all that is around you.

You can begin living intentionally with just three things:

✔️AWARENESS— you gotta know what it is you’re after. It’s ok if this changes (it will), but in this season right now, what do you want from life? Based on that, what do you want by the end of this week?

✔️FOCUS— Write down three (and only three) things for today’s focus. I do this every day in my iPad Notes app, keeping a running list I call my “Big 3.” These need to be very specific and achievable: Choose one thing you love but have a hard time giving yourself permission to do (i.e. read for fun, take a nap, call/visit a friend, play...), one thing you don’t want to do but know you should (i.e. exercise, clean/organize something specific, a work or life task that requires deep attention/research/energy...), and one thing you can do today to move you closer to what you answered in number 1. Make sure whatever it is, you can reasonably complete it within two hours or less. You might need to break larger tasks down and spread them over several days.

✔️CELEBRATION— At the end of the day, take a few quiet minutes to review your Big 3, check off each of your accomplishments, and celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a big hurrah, but do acknowledge your day and how you feel. Pausing to appreciate the small things adds up to a life of gratitude and also fuels your motivation to continue being intentional in the next day.

This is the exact process I use each week. It’s not overwhelming and actually kinda fun. Give it a try, if you’d like. It only takes me 5-10 minutes to jot everything down. I begin my weeks on Sunday because it helps me keep the momentum going through the weekend, as everything else in my calendar starts over on Mondays.

For more tips and practices for intentional living, follow me on Instagram, and be sure you’re subscribed to my Inner Circle. 👉Tell me how this goes! I would love to hear how this process helps you and if you have other ways you live intentionally.

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