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March Month of Water Paintings

Landscape paintings with an element of water are my focus this month, after a February full of flower paintings. I’m swimming in visions of beaches with sandy coastal paintings, rivers and streams, and maybe even a waterfall.

The first painting of water for this month is this beautiful sunset seascape over the Atlantic from the coats of Tybee Island, Georgia. The inspiration came from a photo I took of my boys standing there together, watching the waves creep toward their toes. I love this photo so much (it is one of a handful of beachy sunset-backdrops of my kids I adore). We had a wonderful day at the beach, and the colors in the sky were incredible, like a painting all its own. I remember taking several photos of the sunsets there, hoping I’d have the chance to paint it.

After this one, I jumped across the country to paint the coast of the Pacific from Oregon, as part of the weekly mini painting challenge I’ve been doing this year with acrylic painter Jed Dorsey. You can see that painting and all of my minis so far on my Instagram story highlights.

Next, I painted this river scene, emphasizing the golden trees along the edge of the riverbank and the serenity of that peaceful escape. This one is just about finished. I asked for help naming it, and I’ve gotten so many good ideas! I think I have one, and I’ll announce that when this painting is available for purchase in my shop with others from this collection of water paintings.

I’ve just started a new water painting, and I already love it! In fact, I am scanning it in this stage because I want to have a source for making prints, even though I also want to work further through this painting. I was walking with a friend the other night and stopped at the end to gaze at a really beautiful view. Here’s a photo of this place and some of what the painting looks like so far.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see more behind-the-scenes from all my March project water paintings.

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