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My Birthday Project

On the 26th this month, I turn 39 and I have a special request I hope you’ll help me with… I’ve long-yearned to visit all of the 50 states, and so far I have 19 left to go.

Update April 1: 17 states left

States I’ve been to.

I love experiencing how the land, animals, and culture changes in different places. Travel is something that thrills me as much as painting, and what I love so much about it is how it feels like a little bit of each place I visit stays with me— I’m changed by every trip I take. While that’s pretty cool, something I think it would be absolutely amazing is to leave part of myself in each place— a little token of my gratitude and my personal contribution to the world. I deeply desire to have my art find a home in each of the 50 states by the time I’m “over the hill.” Currently, my prints and paintings are owned by people in ten US states and Ontario, Canada. If I can send my art to people in the remaining 40 states, it will fill the country! It would mean SO much to me if you help make this wish come true! I can’t do it without you. You can help my art to live in the remaining 40 states by my 40th birthday by sharing this page with others and doing one or more of the following:

  1. Send me an email or leave a comment below with your state of residence if you already own any prints or original paintings of mine so that I can mark it off my list (I’m not counting stickers or towels for this project).

  2. Purchase an original or print for yourself if you live in a state where my art doesn’t yet live.

  3. Gift prints or original paintings to people you know who live in the states still waiting for my art.

Where my art lives as of 4/16/2021 —13/50 states

I’ll be updating this page to reflect the progress my project makes over the course of the year. Check back to see how it’s going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in making my birthday wish come true! When it does, everyone who helped me will be entered to win a free gift package as a celebration prize.



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