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Peek At My 2022 Holiday Collection

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Introducing Deckle The Halls, a collection of 8 (or more?) soothing mixed-media paintings on cotton watercolor paper with hand-deckled edges that reveal the beautiful fibers for added texture. Coming to e-mail subscribers on November 9th!

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This is the first peek at my snowy trees for this year's holiday collection. Many of your responses from my last newsletter poll voted for this subject, and I'm not mad about it! I want this series to bring all the hygge your way.

Warm. Comfy. Elegant, with a softness and a little spice. Cozy beneath a plush blanket and knit sweater, watching feel-good movies inside and evergreen branches adorned in swags of fresh snow out the window. I dreamt up this collection over one year ago, and it is coming to life exactly as I had hoped!

Using a limited color palette, I paint each piece intentionally with delicate brush work and a vibe that gives off both the warmth of winter sun and the cool calm of freshly fallen snow. Watercolor and acrylic pair into a blend of flowing peace and delicious texture. Each painting will be float-framed gold on a textured mat for a fully finished look, making them elegant gifts or special winter decor pieces for your own home.

For a bit of fun, I am including a few wooly alpaca and lamb paintings in this collection, as well. In winter, our farm animals grow thicker, fuzzy coats and look extra pudgy. I love capturing the texture of wool through watercolor and hope you enjoy these paintings!

As I continue to work on the Deckle The Halls holiday collection, I will share more videos and images of the process and finished work on Instagram and Facebook. E-mail subscribers will be getting exclusive updates and early access to this limited collection on November 10th. Thank you for giving your opinion on the color of the mats used and for sharing in my excitement about this new collection!



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