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Time doesn’t rest, but sometimes we need to.

Time doesn’t rest, but sometimes we need to. Some of us launched into the new year at full force, others are trickling in after a draining battle or beginning a new one. Action and rest are equally important, and both serve us best when they happen with intent.

How do we make the most of rest? It helps to consider:

  • What does rest look like to you?

  • What makes you feel most rejuvenated?

  • What kind of rest do you need right now and for how long?

  • How will you know when you are replenished?

  • What signals do you look for to know when you are ready to rest again?

Below is list of seven favorite ways to rest, including a few contributions from my Instagram followers:

1) Take a walk through the woods. This sounds like activity, rather than rest, but a stroll through the forest truly brings me peace, calming, and energy. Go alone, with a friend, or with your family. The break away from daily stressors combined with fresh air and a sense of adventure make this one of my top resting choices.

2) Linger in a hot shower or soak in the tub. Warmth and privacy, white noise of the water, and possibly some favorite soaps, oils, or bath bombs can take your body and mind to a place of deep relaxation.

3) Guided meditation for just 5-10 minutes never fails to relax me and was recommended by a few friends as their favorite way to unwind. If you’re new to meditation, there are free guided audio files available online and in the free FitBit app. Simply choose one, sit in a cozy place, and listen. I like to diffuse some essential oils or roll on my meditation blend from The Hippie Martha to bring me even greater focus and relaxation.

4) Prayer was a great suggestion from my friend, Melissa Harrel. Prayer can help give you a sense of surrender, reaching to a power greater than yourself for guidance in whatever you seek. Taking the weight off your own shoulders helps to let go and feel rejuvenated.

5) Tea time sounds like something for only our friends across the pond, yet a cup of tea has the power to slow you down, warm you up, and can even act as a ritual that lets you take a break in your day. I love to begin my morning with a hot mug of tea and sip more in the early afternoon. My favorite tea is from Trader Joe’s. I love their Autumn Harvest and stock up on it every fall, since it’s only offered seasonally, but they have several other great flavors year-round, as well. 6) Family movie night is a more social way I like to rest. This is something we plan and look forward to. I set time aside to relax with my family and enjoy the time cuddling with blankets.

7) Daydreaming on the porch is a must for this list. In our ultra-busy-loving world, I think it’s important to give yourself permission to just do nothing. For at least fifteen minutes, just sit and do nothing but observe what’s around you. As your mind wanders, this is where you’ll reconcile jumbled thoughts, daydream, and solve problems.

This doesn’t happen with the TV on in the background, constant interruptions from the cell phone, while reading, or being always on-the-go. We need quiet openness in order to decompress. So put the phone in airplane mode, and just let yourself be for a while.

That wraps up seven of the best ways to rest with intention. Tell me your favorites in the comments below!

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